Our base camp


(No spell check and grammar check functions are avairable. Please enjoy unedited, LIVE report).

100 years old house, Akkera-kan(あっけら館), is our base camp in Iwaizumi 岩泉町.

Rev. Birkner has a church here. But the builing (…well, it is a tiny room) is too small for us to stay (She is the only one Christian in this area). She found a comminity center for the team to stay.

This traditiotional style house’s curtain (?) is made by paper (障子). Window glasses are thin. Outside noise comes in just like no sound proof (I hope our snore do not wake up the whole neighborhood :).

Iwaizumi is the hub for traveling to the costal villages that Tsunami hit. This town has beautiful mountains and a clear water river. People greet each other as they pass by.

One team member found a fruit at a store. She did not have a money. The store person said, “Take it. You can bring the money later”. When she went back to the store with the money, the person gave more fruit.

A good and old Japan is here.

We don’t know why Tsunami hit this area. But, our coming to this area is touching people’s heart.


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