We moved our base camp to four hour north to  Iwaizumi, Iwate. A beautiful autum mountain drive to come here.

3G Internet connection is on and off here. We failed to connect Google Navigation (we lost just a bit). I will post this report while I have a good internet connection.

An American missionary, Rev. Birkner , welcomed us. She let us  stay 100 year old traditional style house.

Through this base, we will reachout to the small costal communies. Not many organization is helping the victims there. One of the cities is Noda. Noda is next to Kuji. Kuji is a hot spot in Japan now. 

This year’s most watched NHK TV drama, “Ama-chan” filmed there (We may be able to touch the local extras of the TV show). 

We planned ten events these area. But a Tyhoon is approaching. We will adjust our plan acoordingly.

The first event will be Cooking dinner, eating with families, and entertaining them. Some of them may want to talk about Tsunami. Some of them may just forget about it. We want to be sensitive to the each individual’s  condition. The stuffed animals that you entrasted us to give out will help. Thank you!

Our women are on fire for preparing for the cooking. Mathew and Kenzo are excited for playing instruments, giving English lessons for the kids and playing with little ones.

Thank you for your support and prayer 🙂



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