Overwhelmed 反響に圧倒


Minami Sanriku is the town that the past Hope Japan worked. This time, in unforeseen reasons, we expected low attendants.

When we arrived there, the room was full of people(!).
Misao and Maiko worked double time to serve Tea to all through tea ceremony. Misako did quick English lesson. A ventriloquist, Yasuko, did two performances.

The residents were so grad to our visit.  They even gave some gift to JIBC kids.

Before we left, we shared our heart, by giving a little testimonies. There were tears. 

This temporarily housing complex may remain longer than the other cities (6mo to 2yr). Here, they may stay four more years.
Continuous support is needed.

南三陸町は最初のHope Japanから支援させて頂いている町です。今回は諸事情により、参加者が少ないのでは、と思ったら…満員でした。嬉しい悲鳴です。






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