Like a group of whales 鯨のように


We visited Sendai Evangelical Free Church. A formar Hope Japan team member moved (!) from Oregon to SendaI  to live and work with this church to support Tsunami victims.

Pastor Yoshida explained God’s work in one of the darkest time of Japan. When non-Christian observed how Christians worked together to support the victims. The person said, it is like a group of whales. When a baby whale is in danger, the different kinds of whales work together to support it. Christians have many denominations and divisions. When there was a tragedy, whey work together to support people around them.

仙台福音自由教会を訪問しました。過去のHope Japanチームメンバーが、オレゴンから引っ越して、この教会と共に、被災者の支援をしています。




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