Noda village event 野田村のイベント無事終了

Noda village event 野田村のイベント無事終了

日本語は下。We went to the northern end of Tsunami disaster zone, Noda village. There were 18 units in this temporal housing complex. All, except the two units, are the relative.

Most of the residents were still not home yet, but six people showed up for our public event. One woman said, she wanted to attend this event but her work finishes so late that she could not attend before. Today, somehow her work finished early. When she drove home, Grandma Yuki (our team member), showed up and invited her to join. She said, her daughter was in the drama Ama-chan.

We ate. We laughed. We sang. Mathew did great job to make the kids smile. Kenzo played guitar. Women cooked yummy “Tonjiru” (Pork soup).

I heard that most of the residents will be moved out within the next six month. Those people will move to their “permanent” housing. After they moved out, this kind of public event may no longer needed. Another change will be made for Victim care.








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